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Line Editing

Crafting Seamless Flow & Structure

Dive deep into the structure, flow, and coherence of your manuscript. We focus on enhancing transitions, refining pacing, and ensuring overall readability, allowing your narrative to shine.

Copy Editing

Enhancing Clarity & Style

Elevate your writing by honing its clarity. We offer tailored suggestions on word choice, punctuation, consistency, syntax, and tone, amplifying the author’s unique style and optimizing reader comprehension.


The Final Polish

Ensure your work is free of errors with our meticulous final check, guaranteeing a polished finish for your manuscript.

beta reading

Insightful Feedback for Authors

Delve deeper into your manuscript’s strengths and weaknesses. We provide comprehensive feedback on style, clarity, character development, and pacing, helping you craft a compelling narrative.

LGBTQ Sensitivity Reading

Respectful & Informed Reviews

Ensure your content resonates respectfully with diverse audiences. We meticulously scan your text for stereotypes, biases, or any content that could be perceived as offensive, providing guidance for genuine representation.


“Dakota Ryan Editing transformed my manuscript from a rough draft to a polished gem. The line editing was meticulous, ensuring my story flowed seamlessly, while the copy editing refined every sentence. I was particularly impressed with the feedback on character development. Highly recommended for any author looking to elevate their work.”


“As a non-native English speaker, I was apprehensive about submitting my dissertation. Dakota Ryan Editing not only improved the clarity and consistency of my writing but also ensured it retained my original voice. The proofreading service was the cherry on top, catching errors I’d missed after countless revisions. Grateful for such a thorough and professional service!”


“The sensitivity reading was invaluable. Dakota Ryan Editing provided insightful feedback, helping me craft authentic and respectful representation in my novel. Their beta reading service also gave me a fresh perspective on pacing and plot development. A game-changer for emerging authors!”

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